Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hunt for the Golden Apple IRL

The boy and I were lucky enough to score tickets to Minecon 2013 in November, and like any good Geek we can't show up empty handed to a CON.   But what is a Minecraft nerd supposed to take Minecon.   We thought about crafting a pick-axe, and still might, but a pick-axe takes space and we are driving from Texas to Florida and space will be limited.

We decided that the most compact yet cool item we could take would be the Golden Apple.   The Golden apple is small and we are going to try to get people to sign it like a baseball. Hopefully this will be a great keepsake he can put on his bookshelf.
Supplies needed for the Golden apple are pretty simple.
  • Find a fake apple.  We got a wooden one from the boy's grandmother.
  • Buy Gold metallic spray paint. 
  • Get blue Painters tape for the stem
  • Buy Face masks so we don't inhale fumes
  • Make sure we have protective eye wear
  • Take it all home and paint and let dry
  • Take Pictures
  • Have an awesome time